How to Lose Weight

According to Stanford Medical, It’s really the ONLY reason this country’s woman live 10 years longer and weigh on average 42 pounds lighter than us. 😱

(And by the way, it has NOTHING to do with genetics or some secret-exercise and EVERYTHING to do with “how” they eat.)

BTW, I said “HOW”, not “what”… 🤔

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Story of millionaire

There was a middle-class family boy who believe there is only one way to become rich and that is school study then get to the college then do the high paid job to get married and get good house and car for them.

And the boy get low percentage on exam everytime and boy get pressure’s in his life that they don’t know that we he can do he got frustrated depressed and think about suicide.

There is no one who can help them the boy not shares anything to there parents and he not talking to any one he just silent every day was so heavy for the boy what he can do he don’t know he just unhappy he have only one friend who are so fake the boy have so much in his head he was alone by his self.

More coming soon…….

Rich people thinking

. Rich people believe being wealthy is a right …
while the average person believes being wealthy is a privilege.

“World-class thinkers know in a capitalist country they have the right to be rich if they’re willing to create massive value for others,” Siebold writes.

The masses think getting rich is reserved for a lucky few. “This distinction in thinking leads the middle class to the lottery and the world class to work,” he says. “They [the wealthy] believe if they make life better or easier for others, it’s their right to be rich.”

2. Rich people believe starting a business is the fastest way to make money …
while the average person believes starting a business is risky.

“The truth is, having a job is no safer than owning a business,” Siebold argues. “As counterintuitive as this may seem, people who work for themselves have the power to proactively seek out business and increase revenues at will.”

Of course, there are risks involved in starting a business, but wealthy people “know the greatest risk is not betting on themselves,” Siebold says.

While rich people launch businesses and profit from them, average people settle for the steady paycheck and therefore miss out on the chance to generate a fortune, he says. “The masses almost guarantee themselves a life of financial mediocrity by staying in a job with a modest salary and yearly pay raises.”

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Sir Richard Branson
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3. Rich people believe the wealthy are more savvy …
while the average person believes the wealthy are smarter.

“If the key to building wealth was excellent grades in school, every summa cum laude college graduate would be rich,” Siebold argues. “Amassing money has more to do with street smart savvy than your ability to memorize information and excel on exams.”

How do you become more savvy? Get inside the heads of people who are already rich, Siebold advises, and find out what they think and believe about money.

4. Rich people believe building wealth takes a team …
while the average person believes building wealth is an individual effort.

“The world class knows it takes a team to build wealth, and they focus much of their effort on finding the right people to leverage their actions and ideas,” writes Siebold. “The greatest fortunes are built through the collective mental and physical contributions of a world-class team.”

He contends that who you surround yourself with has more of an effect on your net worth than you may think.

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Warren Buffett and Bill Gates prepare to do the ‘newspaper toss’ at the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder’s Meeting in Omaha, Nebraska.
Brad Quick | CNBC
5. Rich people believe making money is simple …
while the average person believes making money is complicated.

“The masses have always thought that rich people are smarter, luckier or more educated. Of course none of these things is true,” says Siebold.

The rich know that money flows from ideas and problem solving, he writes. “The bigger the solution, the bigger the paycheck,” he says. “Making money may not be easy, but it is simple. There is no mystery to getting rich, but this limiting belief stops most people from ever trying.”

6. Rich people believe money is earned through thinking …
while the average person believes money is earned through time and labor.

The middle class think about money in linear terms, Siebold explains, and “believe the only way to earn more money is to work more hours.”

“The wealthy know big money requires thinking about it in non-linear terms,” he writes. “The rich know that creative thinking is the highest paid skill in the world. … Training your mind to find solutions to difficult problems is the real secret to making money.”

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7. Rich people believe money is liberating …
while the average person believes money is controlling.

“The rich see money as a positive tool that has the power to create freedom and opportunity for themselves and their families,” Siebold explains.

By contrast, the average person sees money as “the great oppressor,” he writes. “While the world class sees money as a critical resource that opens up endless possibilities, the middle class is demonizing it and denying its importance. With a mindset like this, is it any wonder most people don’t have much?”

8. Rich people believe in working for fulfillment …
while the average person believes in working for money.

“The rich have always known working for the sole purpose of making money is the worst strategy for building wealth,” says Siebold.

Don’t look for jobs with the greatest salary potential, he advises. Rather, “focus on work that has the most fulfillment potential. Once you find it, invest so much heart and soul into your work that you become one of the most competent people in your field. You’ll be rewarded with uncommon wealth.”

How to be happy in any situation?

The world is so big with so many lives that you can do anything in this world but you are unhappy because you don’t have that what you want now.

This is what make you unhappy and if you get it you will be happy.

You have to make your mind and heart if I will happy when you have nothing you don’t need anything to make you happy but your mind does.

This is all in your thinking believing any thing if you will happy you can achieve any thing without problems. You face problem but the problem is not a problem for you because it’s just a tiny peace of the world when you are happy no problems became a problem for you.

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